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The Buckeye Union High School District Learning Center will continue preparing students for college and/or career in the Alternative Education Program, using A+, a computer-based instruction program. Incorporating the latest in technology with direct instruction, A+ award winning program curriculum, comprehensive math, reading, writing, and science instruction, as well as project-based and District common assessments, and the infusion of 21st century learning skills, the Learning Center will diligently facilitate individualized educational instruction for students within this alternative learning environment. There are two avenues for student enrollment in the alternative education program at the BUHSD Learning Center. One is through a behavioral and/or academic referral from a BUHSD high school student or non-special education student referrals from surrounding school districts (7th-12th grade students only).  The other option is through open enrollment for high school students desiring an alternative method of delivery for required secondary curriculum.

Please contact the BUHSD Learning Center for additional information.
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