Youngker COOP Childcare

Welcome to the Youngker High School Early Childhood Education Child Oriented Occupational Program (The COOP). The COOP is a high school laboratory for the Youngker High School Early Childhood Education Program as part of the Career and Technical Education Department (CTE). CTE’s purpose is to give “on the job training” to high school students interested in an occupation involving young children. As a component of the COOP program, the high school students observe and assess children’s development, study daycare management, curriculum development, lesson planning, discipline, child behaviors, health, and safety of children under the direction of our professional staff. These students are involved in Early Childhood Education courses, as well as the Career and Technical Student Organization, FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America). The COOP provides a supportive environment in which students may refine their development, as well as employability and human services skills learned in class.

Program Philosophy

At the COOP Childcare Center, we PLAY, LEARN, and GROW. We believe that each child is a unique individual. Children learn to express themselves in many ways through PLAY, which leads them to LEARN and solve problems creatively, and to GROW to interact positively with others 
The program offers your child a nurturing and caring environment that inspires natural curiosity and fosters physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. We believe children should have a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The program is balanced between teacher-structured and student-choice activities, quiet and active experiences and frequent hands on activities that focus on the process of learning to help children enjoy successful experiences. We encourage not just learning, but also the love of learning for our COOP children, YHS students, and COOP staff. The early years are an important time of growth and development, during this time children learn most successfully through exploration and discovery.


    Program goals for each child are to develop:

    • A positive sense of self-worth
    • Independence
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Language skills (listening and speaking)
    • Large and small motor coordination
    • Intellectual curiosity about the world
    • Positive social skills (cooperation and interdependence)
    • Respect for self and others
    • Self-expression skills

    We believe parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We strive to create mutual respect between parents and teachers, a partnership for the benefit of the child. We encourage daily communication between parents and center staff.  Our doors are open to parents at all times. We strive each day to be the best provider of early childhood education service in the community, since we are designed to teach and train future early childhood educators, we will continually work to earn the trust placed in us.


    COOP Director 

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    COOP Assistant Director

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    Aryal Cordova

    Child Care Provider II (Infant Room)

    Tiffany borboa

    Child Care Provider II (Toddler Room)

    Angelica DeLaCruz

    Child Care Provider II (Preschool Room)

    Karla Nanez

     Child Care Provider Substitute