Mental Health

BUHSD continues to invest significant resources in order to promote a positive school climate, social and emotional learning, and mental health and well-being on its campuses.  The importance of providing mental health services to its students, staff and community is at the foundation of this mission. This includes providing a Licensed Professional Counselor on each campus to support student and staff mental health and counseling needs.  

We recognize that the health of students, both physical and mental, plays a significant role in their ability to learn and be successful.  To this end, BUHSD has invested significant resources in providing counseling support for our students and staff. Our teams of Guidance Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, and School Psychologists in the district work together to support students in maintaining a healthy mental state and intervene in times of crisis.  Additionally, BUHSD partners with Southwest Behavioral Health in providing additional support for students and parents within the Buckeye community.

If you are concerned about a student or your child, you can contact a school administrator or counselor at the school to discuss.  You can also submit an alert via the Anonymous Alerts system through this link.

BUHSD looks forward to continued communication and collaboration with its community to strengthen programs and promote success. 

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