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Who can feed a teenager for $3 a day?  We can. Here’s how:

With the help of federal grants and corporate purchasing power we can feed your student for $3 a day. In fact, it may not even cost you $3. Did you know 51% of our students qualify for free or reduced meals? Reduced meals cost just $.40 cents, and free meals are- well, FREE!  Free and reduced meals are handled discreetly by swiping the student ID card just like all other meals.

To see if you qualify, complete this application.

No time for the cafeteria? We have outdoor snack shops and mobile food carts that offer meals for your student without the need to go in the cafeteria.

Picky eater, or, “I’m not hungry”? We have freshly packaged “OnTheGo” items that are more like snacks that your student can take on the run.  Examples include: apple slices and peanut butter, yogurt parfaits, sandwiches and wraps.  These are available in cafeteria as well as the outdoor venues. Since these items qualify as a meal, they qualify for the same free or reduced benefit as the standard cafeteria meals. Have your student look for the symbol below to indicate which items qualify as a meal. 

Food Symbol

= One Meal


All students in the district qualify for free breakfast (with student ID). Hot breakfast options include things like breakfast pizza, ham & egg burritos and oatmeal. If your student is not a big morning eater we have packaged items (muffins, bagels, cereal bars) that your teenager can put in the backpack for later.  This would even be a great snack for the bus ride home.  Our outdoor mobile carts offer breakfast items every day.   

Each and every meal served by our cafeterias is granted some level of reimbursement from the National School Lunch Program. This allows the department to be self-sustaining, freeing funds for other district programs.  All of our meals are compliant with the NSLP nutrition guidelines.

We encourage your student to give the cafeteria a try. It’s not the same lunch room we grew up with. We have rotating weekly features with popular menu items such as Szechuan Chicken, Beef Lasagna, and Chicken Poppers with Mashed Potatoes. Some favorites are available every day such as Pepperoni Pizza, Build Your Own Deli Sandwich, and Taco & Nacho Bar. Everyday our fresh salad bar is complimentary to all students-regardless of meal purchase. 

If you already support our cafeterias, thank you!  Your support allows us to continue to innovate and improve, keeping your student interested in getting the nourishment they need.

We always welcome your feedback as we are continually working to improve our offerings.



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