BUHSD Update 9-17-21

BUHSD Update 9-17-21
Posted on 09/17/2021
BUHSD Update 9-17-21



September 17, 2021

Buckeye Union High School Parents and Guardians,

As a school district, we need your help. This week we have had unsubstantiated threats targeting schools and students in our district. Besides the anxiety these threats produce among students, parents, and staff, valuable teaching and learning time is jeopardized. Every threat we receive is taken seriously and investigated fully. Whether the investigation determines the threat to be real or a prank, the consequences for those making or sharing these threats may be severe.

We work closely with the Buckeye and Goodyear Police Departments and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and schools. As a district we will continue to do so. In addition to disciplinary actions that would be enforced from your child’s school, school threats could result in felony charges. The legal consequences could follow your child their entire life; possibly impacting their ability to enter college, the military or find future employment.

We know you don’t want this outcome for your child and neither do we. Please talk with your child about the impact of making or spreading threats against their school or any individual who works at or attends a school. With all that has gone on the past couple of weeks, please be aware of your children’s activity on social media. Discourage them from interacting with such posts; do not share, like or repost anything that could be deemed threatening in nature. Sharing these posts may result in similar consequences as creating them. The safety for our students and staff is our highest priority and we will work diligently to keep our schools safe.

We appreciate your help and together, we can keep our schools and communities safe.

Dr. Steven C. Bebee

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