BUHSD Update 1-3-22

BUHSD Update 1-3-22
Posted on 01/03/2022
BUHSD Update





BUHSD Parents, Students, and Staff,

As we begin the second semester of the 2021-22 school year today, I wanted to take a moment and update you on our district practices and protocols regarding COVID 19 and our schools.

As a school district, the wearing of face masks continues to be optional for both students and staff.  However, any student or staff member who has concerns is encouraged to wear a face mask while on our campuses.  We will continue to report any known cases of COVID 19 to the Maricopa County Health Department as well as follow their guidelines with quarantine. One change that will be new starting today is the number of days a potentially exposed individual will have to quarantine based on the new recommendation from the CDC. Any student or staff member who has been in close contact and potentially exposed to COVID 19 and is symptom-free will now only have to quarantine for 5 days instead of the previously recommended 10 days.  As always, we encourage both students and staff to err on the side of caution and to stay home if you are not feeling well or have any potential COVID 19 symptoms. We will continue to use those same practices we did during the first semester to ensure that our campuses are clean and that we are doing everything we can to keep staff and students safe while on campuses.

Thank you,

Steve Bebee

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