BUHSD Update 2-5-21

BUHSD Update 2-5-21
Posted on 02/05/2021
BUHSD Update 2-5-21




BUHSD Families,

We are excited for students who have chosen Option A In-Person Learning to return to campus on Monday, February 8th. With the start of in-person learning, we have lots of information to share, so please read on.

Learning Declaration

If you completed the Learning Declaration indicating that your student would be returning to campus for in-person learning, we will be expecting them on campus beginning February 8th. If there is a day your student will be unable to attend in person, we need you to call the school attendance office to notify them of the absence (even if your student is able to join class via Teams).

If you completed the Learning Declaration indicating that your student will remain in Distance Learning until spring break, your student will continue to sign into Teams for classes as they have been this semester. If there is a day your student will be unable to sign in via Teams, we need you to call the school attendance office to notify them of the absence. If you did not complete the Learning Declaration, your student will remain Distance Learning until spring break.

As we near spring break, all Option A parents will have the opportunity to change the declaration made for their student if they choose to do so.

Bell Schedule & Upcoming Holiday

Beginning February 8th, schools will return to their pre-pandemic bell schedules. Whether in-person or distance learning, the same schedule will be followed. Wednesdays will continue to be late start days.

We have a Learning Conference Day scheduled for staff on Friday, February 12th, so that day will be a holiday for students with no school (In-Person or Distance Learning).

Food Service

Bus route meal service will no longer be available after today. As we return to in-person learning, school lunches will remain FREE for all children 18 and under. Curbside pickup will continue at all three comprehensive high schools from 9 am to noon and 5 to 7 pm on weekdays. Students participating in Distance Learning are encouraged to use Curbside Pickup. Students returning to campus will be able to get a FREE breakfast as they enter campus in the morning. Students will be able to pick up a FREE bagged lunch at different locations throughout the campus to help with social distancing during their lunch period. On Fridays, students will be able to grab a FREE Weekend to Go bag as they leave campus that will provide breakfast and lunch for both days of the weekend.

Bus Transportation

With the return of in-person learning, bus transportation will resume for students who live within a school attendance area that is more than 1 ½ miles from the school. To find your students bus stop and pick up time, go to the district website (www.buhsd.org) and select Transportation under departments. On the Transportation department page, click on the "Find My Bus Route" icon. It will take you to a site page where you can enter your address and find the information you need. You can also find a complete list of our routes listed by campus on the Transportation page. 

All routes will run at regular times four days per week. On Wednesdays, with the Late Start Schedule, morning pick up times at BUHS and YHS will be exactly two hours later than a regular day; at EFHS the pickup times will be 1 ½ hours later than rest of the week. For your student's safety, our drivers will check temperatures of all students as they enter the bus. While on the bus, masks must be worn at all times and social distancing will be practiced as much as possible. If you have further questions, or your address is not found, please call the Transportation Department at 623-327-2236.

Mitigation on Campus

As your student gets ready to return for in-person instruction, please remember that students should stay home if they feel ill or exhibiting any of the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, headaches, congestion/runny nose, fever of 100.4 or higher without medication, difficulty breathing, aches/chills, vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea.

Also, please remind your student of the following expectations as they return to campus in-person:

·      Have your temperature checked as you enter campus or a bus;

·      Wear a cloth face coverings at all times which aligns with the district dress code (including covering a person's nose and mouth, ideally fitting snugly but comfortable against the sides of the face and under the chin, remaining affixed in place without the use of one's hands, no holes, and the content of any printing on it being be school appropriate);

·      Follow signage for modified traffic patterns (in parking lots as well as in the hallways and around campus);

·      Maintain physical distancing as much as possible;

·      Avoid gathering in common areas; and

·      Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.


Health Benchmarks

We are continuing to monitor the data on the county school dashboard. As of yesterday's posting, our overall risk level remains at the "substantial" level with the recommended learning scenario being "Virtual with On-Site Support". Specifically:

-      Cases: we had a decrease from 898.66 cases to 805.39 cases per 100,000 population;

-      Percent Positivity: this percentage increased slightly from 22.21% to 22.66%;

-      Covid-like Illness: this benchmark decreased from 12.5% to 10.3%.

That was a lot of important information, so thank you for reading it. Much of this information is available on our district website at www.buhsd.org if you need to reference it later. As we go into Super Bowl weekend, please stay safe and make choices that help us lessen community spread of Covid-19. We will see your student, whether in-person or distance, on Monday.



Rob Roberson

Interim Superintendent