Transportation Update 10-11-21

Transportation Update 10-11-21
Posted on 10/11/2021
Transportation Update 10-11-21


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October 11, 2021


Buckeye Union High School Parents and Guardians,


As a school district, we pride ourselves in making the safety of our students and staff one of our highest priorities and are always looking for ways to improve our practices. Considering all the latest concerns surrounding school safety, we are implementing a new practice for all our students who ride our school buses to improve upon our current practices. As of Monday, October 18, 2021, all students who ride on a district school bus will be required to show their school-issued ID card to get on the students assigned bus. Having students show a school-issued ID allows us to ensure that only our students can get on a bus. This practice also allows us to have digital manifest of every student on any school bus at any given time should we need to have that information.


We appreciate your help and together, we can keep our schools safe for all students and staff.




Dr. Steven C. Bebee